Free domestic shipping on any order over $250.  Free international shipping on any order over $725.

Free shipping offer available for any orders with a product total greater than $250 (for within US) and $725 (for international) after any discounts or coupons have been applied.

General Wholesale and MAP Policies

Order Minimums & Shipping Fees

All of our prices are in USD. We require no minimum dollar amounts to receive wholesale pricing, but we do have quantity minimums for each product.

For shipping rates and information, please see the Wholesale Shipping Policy page.

Sales Limitations & Selling on Third Party Sites

The sale or distribution of OraWellness products to a third party other than an end consumer is strictly prohibited.

OraWellness reserves the right to cancel or limit the sale of its products at any time (at our discretion) to parties whose sales and distribution strategies are not in alignment with OraWellness principles.

Furthermore, wholesale customers agree to sell OraWellness products online only on their sites. The sale of OraWellness products on third party sites like and is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination in these activities. If the wholesale customer is unwilling to terminate sales on third party sites, OraWellness retains the right to terminate the wholesale arrangement.

Samples and selling only original OraWellness packaged products

At this time, we do not produce sample sizes of our products.

Wholesale customers are prohibited from creating their own OraWellness samples for customers/patients. Our GMP-certified production team takes great care to ensure that our products are free of contaminants, and creating your own samples can compromise this. Also, to protect our brand, all of our products must be new, unopened, and in their original OraWellness packaging.

(The exception to this policy is that dental offices are welcome to use OraWellness products on patients in office.)

Online Retailer Requirements

Websites must have an SSL certificate as well as privacy and customer service policies in place. Business ethics and environmental practices of the online retailer must also be in alignment with the ethics of OraWellness LLC. Once approved, the online retailer must have a physical business address to receive products from OraWellness.

For online retailers, we require that accounts have a web address of their own and sell OraWellness products on that site (an individual URL, not a subdirectory of someone else’s site, such an an storefront). Additionally, resellers are prohibited from selling OraWellness products through any online auction site, like eBay.

Once approved, we will send necessary images free of charge in order to maintain a consistent presentation of our products on the internet. All OraWellness written materials, including text from the site and other written documentation, may be used with the express written consent of OraWellness LLC.

Once complete, the presentation of OraWellness products on your site must clearly differentiate from and must not confuse a ‘reasonable consumer’.

OraWellness will review your site and reserves the right to refuse sales at its discretion. OraWellness will also periodically review your site to ensure ongoing compliance with these principles.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP)

OraWellness LLC adopted this Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP Policy”) on all products, which shall apply to retailers, including catalogs and internet retailers, (collectively, “Resellers”) who resell OraWellness products.

The MAP Policy applies only to ONLINE advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold or offered for sale to an individual customer within the Reseller’s retail location or over the telephone.

The MAP policy shall apply to all OraWellness products. Our minimum advertised price for OraWellness products is 100% of Suggested Retail Price (SRP), which equals a 0% discount off of SRP. Online resellers may offer products on promotion at a lower advertised discount only with written permission from OraWellness LLC.

The MAP policy pricing may be adjusted by OraWellness at its sole discretion. The MAP policy applies to all advertisements of OraWellness products in any and all media, including, without limitation, coupons, mailers, inserts, flyers, posters, newspapers, magazines, catalog, mail order catalogs, internet or similar electronic media including social media postings, websites, e-mail newsletters, e-mail solicitations, television, radio, and public signage.

The MAP policy is not applicable to any in-store advertising that is displayed only in the store and not distributed to any consumer. In-store displays, point-of-sale signs, hang tags or bar codes or similar marks on products or product packaging which state the price are not considered advertising for the purposes of this policy.

In that regard, this MAP policy does not apply to the actual sale price on any “check-out page” of any Reseller’s web site (typically the page at which the end user finally purchases the product). This MAP policy does apply to any other page(s) on the Reseller’s website. Including a free or discounted product made by OraWellness with another OraWellness product covered by this MAP policy would violate this policy and is not permitted.

The MAP Policy applies only to ONLINE advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold or offered for sale to an individual customer within the Reseller’s retail location or over the telephone.

OraWellness Resellers remain free to sell MAP products at any price they elect. On occasion, OraWellness may run promotions for products covered by the MAP Policy because the products are being discontinued, just being released, or at the discretion of OraWellness.

In such events, OraWellness reserves the right to modify or suspend the MAP with regards to all or certain products at its sole discretion with 7 days advanced notice to Resellers provided that such changes will apply to all OraWellness Resellers.

OraWellness reviews all internet commerce to ensure consistent adherence to this policy. In cases of violation of this MAP policy, Resellers will be allowed twenty-four (24) hours to bring advertising into compliance.

If no change is made within the allowed period, all shipments will be discontinued until the necessary changes are made. In cases of intentional and/or repeated failure, OraWellness will terminate all orders to Reseller.

OraWellness is not required to provide prior written notice or issue warning before taking action under this Policy. OraWellness reserves the right to cancel or limit the sale of its products to parties whose sales and distribution strategies are incompatible with those of OraWellness or do not align with OraWellness principles.

This MAP Policy is solely at the discretion and responsibility of OraWellness LLC. Any questions about this policy should be in writing and directed to: OraWellness Sales Department Re: MAP Policy at

Distributors of OraWellness products will supply a copy of the OraWellness Minimum Advertised Price policy to any new or existing retail Reseller to be filled out, acknowledged, and returned to OraWellness.

Participating in our wholesale pricing binds the Reseller to abide by the MAP Policy and Reseller requirements explained in this document.